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Counselor. Coach. It all started with being asked to speak to the faculty about "Stretching Outside Your Comfort Zones". I did a lot at school. I do a lot in general and I guess I was spotted as the guy who does a lot and still smiles and enjoys life. I was honored and felt blessed to be asked to speak, but with blessing comes responsibility. I spent a lot of time reflecting, journaling, researching, reading, watching videos and after a long night of preparing my talk and creating a powerpoint, YKNOTMENTALITY was born. I have to shout Simon Sinek for inspiring me with his "Golden Circle" with the WHY, HOW, and WHAT. I put a little twist on it (YKNOT, HOW MUCH, & WHAT STEPS) trying to make it more relevant to the population I work with on the daily and relating it to the conversations that I have with them. It's been a year now of holding myself accountable, waking up early, sharing a "Quote of the Day" with my community. It's my personal mental preparation to start my day that I choose to share with my community. What started as a talk, became a club, became a movement and now somewhat of a brand that I hope makes a difference in our youth to be inspired and to be the change that we need today. #YNOTMENTALITY

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